Why are posture and mobility important?

Posture and mobility are more than what you see in the mirror. Posture is the physical configuration that your body perceives to be normal. It is the way your body distributes and works with the effects of gravity. Mobility is the flexibility and coordination needed to achieve movement. It directly relates to the efficiency of your body mechanics. Posture and mobility play a huge role in the way you feel. Major scientific studies have linked poor posture to a variety of health issues ranging from degenerative joint disease, to high blood pressure, and even to poor psychological health.


Besides the obvious external changes of poor posture, there are internal changes that occur in the muscles, joints, fascia, breathing, circulation, nerve stimulus, and digestion as well. Poor posture is not self-correcting. In fact when left unadressed, poor posture often worsens and can compound into serious issues that sometimes require surgical intervention. It is much easier (and cheaper!) to nurture good posture than to fix broken parts. Even when you're trying to consciously fix bad posture, your body tissues have already grown around your unique posture, and this will prevent you from having the mobility needed to return to a healthy position. For this reason, adequate and lasting changes to your posture require outside intervention. That’s where I come in. Bodywork like massage and pilates are very powerful tools that can help to address and transform your body! Give it a try, and see how we can help you to feel better!